Another Bolton BOMSHELL?

1PM ET Update--

The NYTimes just released what some are calling another "BOMBSHELL" -- more alleged details from John Bolton that President Trump conspired to withhold Ukraine aid all the way back to May.

We think it is MORE HOGWASH -- a last-ditch effort to get just one more GOP WAFFLER to force witnesses and keep the impeachment trial going endlessly. Also, Democrats are pushing for final votes to be DELAYED until next Wednesday -- undoubtedly so they can drop more BOMBSHELLS and sway the one vote they need.

We are urging team members to immediately take TWO ACTIONS:

1 FAX YOUR SENATORS AND THE GOP WAFFLERS NOW. Even if you already sent faxes, do so again! Go here:

2. CALL YOUR SENATORS. Go here for phone numbers.

See below for more.


P.S. For more on this latest alleged "BOMBSHELL" and today's other top headlines, go here.

Click here for more information from our earlier update.



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