URGENT: More articles of impeachment coming?

Grassfire is hearing that radicals on the House Judiciary Committee might actually add MORE articles of impeachment during tonight's hearing! It's been suggested by an opinion writer at Bloomberg news that "If handled adroitly, it could make the authors of the new articles into national liberal heroes." The process reportedly would involve introducing "two or three additional articles, force debate over them, and then withdraw them without a vote."

It's outrageous that a writer for a "news" organization founded by and named for a Democrat presidential nominee (former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg) would even suggest this kind of political grandstanding over proposed impeachment legislation. It really says everything you need to know about the "fake news" media and the Left!

The House Judiciary Committee is now just minutes away from meeting to complete the articles of impeachment announced yesterday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). For just $20, you can immediately send personalized "I SAY NO TO IMPEACHMENT" faxes to EVERY Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, along with your Representative and your Senators. Click here to fax now.

Time is short! The House Judiciary Committee meets within the hour. As Grassfire mentioned yesterday, this is a "four-alarm fire" in terms of grassroots activism. Dousing the "flames" of the Democrats' attempted coup requires action from as many patriots as possible. So thanks, in advance, for standing with President Trump today. Please make your voice heard by clicking here to fax now.

For liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

Source: Pelosi's Impeachment Plan Isn't Set in Stone Yet (Bloomberg)

Click here for more information from our earlier update.

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