I guess President Trump had just had enough!

Yesterday morning, the President did something that we think may be unprecedented. ...

He called into FOX News' morning show, Fox & Friends, and stayed on for an entire hour! President Trump is amazing. He simply will not stop fighting the liberal media and the anti-Trump radicals in Congress. He puts everything on the line every day to defend our country and make America great again.

But the battle against the Pelosi-Schiff impeachment is getting tougher, and the next few weeks are critical. Which is why I'm asking for YOUR HELP today in a special way...

+ + Critical Budget Shortfall...

This month, our team here at Grassfire stepped out in faith and build an entirely new website to help citizens like you FIGHT THE COUP! It quickly has become one of the definitive sources for impeachment/coup information and action items (we've already catalogued HUNDREDS of coup-related stories, along with Insider Reports and Action Alerts).

I've committed key resources to this effort -- and I want to EXPAND what we're doing over the next two weeks as we head into the most critical debates and impeachment votes.

But as of this morning, we are facing a CRITICAL $10,000 BUDGET SHORTFALL for this month that we simply must make up immediately.

So I'm turning to our core Grassfire friends and asking you to HELP GRASSFIRE FIGHT at this critical time. We need your support to build one of the strongest grassroots networks of citizens who are FIGHTING THIS OUTRAGEOUS COUP ATTEMPT!

Will you stand with Grassfire today so we can network and inform patriotic Americans as we reach the most critical days in this impeachment crisis? Go here to make your contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire fight:

+ + Our gift to you: The BEST Trump Christmas Card Ever!

If you can help with a contribution of ANY AMOUNT, we'll send you two of our exclusive "FIGHT THE COUP!" ReStickers. If possible, please go the EXTRA MILE and contribute just $30 or more (so we can reach 3,000 more citizens with the "Fight The Coup!" message). When you do, we'll also include our very favorite TRUMP TALKING CHRISTMAS CARD that is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any Trump-loving friend (while causing liberal heads to explode!).

If you can contribute just $50 (and help us reach 5,000 patriots), we'll send you BOTH of our TALKING TRUMP CHRISTMAS CARDS in red and green!

+ + We CANNOT Sit By Silently While Trump Is Impeached!

Anti-Trump activists are pouring MILLIONS into this "coup" by any means possible. We don't need millions to fight back. But like David gathered "five smooth stones," Grassfire is asking friends like you to stand with us to FIGHT THE COUP! Go here.

We CANNOT sit by silently while Democrats impeach President Trump and nullify the votes of millions of Americans. If we do, then we'll have no one to blame but ourselves. Please take immediate action!

Thanks, in advance, for your support.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. We are rushing into the most critical days of this impeachment crisis. Grassfire has stepped out and created one of the definitive impeachment/coup websites in the country, but we are facing a critical $10,000 shortfall this month and need your support! When you help Grassfire FIGHT THE COUP! with your contribution of $30 or more (to help us reach 3,000 patriots), we'll send you our favorite TALKING TRUMP CHRISTMAS CARD. These cards are hilarious! Go here to see the Trump Card and to help Grassfire fight:

P.P.S. Here is the second TALKING TRUMP CHRISTMAS CARD we'll send you in appreciation of your contribution of $50 or more to help Grassfire:

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  • Douglas Pederson
    commented 2019-11-23 12:55:37 -0500
    The Politically Correct Post Feminist media has quietly slipped into the Swamp. They are done.