News Digest, 11/6/19

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  • Jerred Parris, Jr.
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  • james best
    commented 2019-11-06 19:02:56 -0500
    What has happened ever since Jimmy Carter’s administration and creation of Department of Education (unionizing all Teachers across USA) is the “bloating” of every single Department, Section, and Project Management organization in Washington DC and State Capitols. Enter successive “left leaning” hires and the “die-was-set.” Today, after Obama’s administration, there are two factions operating under “Rules for Radicals” (Saul Alinsky’s tome), to wit: 1)internal “Deep State” left-of-center" sympathizers and 2) Obama’s civilian Army ( Only thing missing in this organization is “deep pockets” and Puppet Master. Enter Media Matters and their CREW personnel (and deep pockets). The rabble rousers are set to “Rock and Roll” (as orchestrated by Puppet Master). This particular site is instrumental in educating, elucidating and focusing (laser-like) on these above mentioned developments. There’s more…have eaten up my space and time. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.(God’s Law)
  • Grassfire
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