Say NO to Impeachment by Signing the National "Fight The Coup"Petition

Through impeachment, the radical Left wants to invalidate the votes of millions of Americans and overthrow the results of a free and fair election. This is, plain and simple, an attempted coup! Grassroots Americans MUST NOT let them get away with it.

Grassfire has launched a nationwide FIGHT THE COUP COALITION to help network grassroots Americans who oppose this outrageous effort to unconstitutionally remove President Trump from office. If you want to stop this impeachment-inquiry Witch Hunt, complete the form below and join the FIGHT THE COUP COALITION.

NOTE TO ORGANIZATION LEADERS: We are also inviting local, community, civic and state organizations to join the FIGHT THE COUP COALITION. Go here to add your organization to the coalition!


As an independent, liberty-loving, patriotic American, I stand with President Trump. I am joining him and other grassroots patriots by calling this impeachment inquiry what it truly is: a coup! Those pushing this coup cannot be allowed to overthrow the results of a free and fair election simply because they lost! I urge you, as a member of Congress, to take immediate action to use your power and influence to end this latest Witch Hunt against our duly elected President.

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Frank muraca
Stacie Bigbee
Phil Parks
J Nauta
Lynne Wertheimer
Gregory Lambert
Sherrill and Wayne Luebesmier
Diana Jones
Kristen Goree
James Baker
Michelle Perez
Vicki Koger
Richard Howard
Clarice Meineke
Sherry Nowell
Mark Lewis
Jean Little
Mark Haymond
Ronald Lewis
jeanelle worrell
Jon Neilson
Tiffany Molina
Michael Voelker
Jeffrey Kennedy
Clyde Peppin
Erta Gervais
Kathleen Poulos
Jerry Collins
Pamela Nicita-McDonald
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  • Frank muraca
    signed 2019-11-23 21:43:36 -0500
    The sooner we clean up this Democratic(Liberal,Socialist) cancer that is trying to take over our lives, instead of fighting for our Lives,..The sooner we can go back to our Job at hand to “Keep America Great” for 2020 and many more years to come . TRUMP 2020
  • Stacie Bigbee
    signed 2019-11-23 13:46:19 -0500
  • Phil Parks
    signed 2019-11-23 10:00:16 -0500
  • J Nauta
    signed 2019-11-23 06:00:39 -0500
  • Lynne Wertheimer
    signed 2019-11-23 01:50:38 -0500
  • Gregory Lambert
    signed 2019-11-22 21:43:30 -0500
    Thank You Mr. President for Being Our President. We totally disagree with everything that the Democrats are putting You through and the slander of Your name. Those who are doing this to You will not be re-elected to any office in Our Government in Our Great Nation, The United States of America. We will make sure that this doesn’t happen again when we vote. For those who are in Office and are against Our Great President know this for sure, when we vote, that we have seen what You’re capable of and how You neglected to do the job that You were elected and paid to do. You have brought judgement on each of You by the testimonies that You have given. Thank You for making this Years election easy. President Trump has led Our Great Nation in a Manner that GOD Can be pleased with, without any pay from any tax paying dollars. He has done more in 1 Term as The USA President than any has accomplished before. We Look Forward to Vote and watch President Trump and can’t wait to see All that He accomplishes during His Second Term.
  • Sherrill and Wayne Luebesmier
    signed 2019-11-22 20:38:08 -0500
  • Diana Jones
    signed 2019-11-22 19:42:43 -0500
    I am amazed about the good things he has done for our country. He wasn’t my first choice when he started to run for President but I am very happy he was elected. I am constantly saddened by the Democratic Party attacks; they say things in such a twisted way. They confuse people into thinking that President Trump is all bad and that just isn’t true! I think he has done more good in his short time in office than we have seen in the last couple decades. I will be praying for his next term as our President!
  • Kristen Goree
    signed 2019-11-22 19:32:57 -0500
  • James Baker
    signed 2019-11-22 17:56:51 -0500
  • Michelle Perez
    signed 2019-11-22 17:34:24 -0500
  • Vicki Koger
    signed 2019-11-22 16:54:06 -0500
    I am sooooo weary of the time and money being wasted on this whole process. They are trying to hang President Trump on things they are just as guilty of. WHAT A WASTE!!! Let the president do his job and work with him even a little. I am amazed at how much he has accomplished with NONE of their help. I am ashamed of other GOP leaders that are so willing to throw him under the bus. President Trump, I believe in you more each day. You have my total support. Thank you for all you are trying to do for my country. Please don’t give up.
  • Richard Howard
    signed 2019-11-22 15:12:13 -0500
    I have moved to Colombia South America to Prepare a Place for those who want an alternative place to live when the liberals, Socialist, Muslim and Atheists take control of our Country. I have the location near Medellin and will have a totally indigent living community when I am through developing the property.
  • Clarice Meineke
    signed 2019-11-22 09:45:36 -0500
  • Sherry Nowell
    signed 2019-11-22 08:21:51 -0500
    Sherry Nowell
  • Mark Lewis
    signed 2019-11-22 01:40:53 -0500
    Mark S Lewis
  • Jean Little
    signed 2019-11-22 00:55:12 -0500
  • Mark Haymond
    signed 2019-11-21 17:06:05 -0500
  • Ronald Lewis
    signed 2019-11-21 15:44:36 -0500
  • jan worrell
    @pilgrim11 tweeted link to this page. 2019-11-21 15:35:43 -0500
  • jeanelle worrell
    signed 2019-11-21 15:34:30 -0500
  • Jon Neilson
    signed 2019-11-21 15:16:58 -0500
  • Tiffany Molina
    signed 2019-11-21 14:07:12 -0500
  • Michael Voelker
    signed 2019-11-21 12:49:28 -0500
    Michael Voelker
  • Jeffrey Kennedy
    signed 2019-11-21 12:45:10 -0500
  • Clyde Peppin
    signed 2019-11-21 11:45:23 -0500
  • Erta Gervais
    signed 2019-11-21 11:41:05 -0500
  • Kathleen Poulos
    signed 2019-11-21 11:27:11 -0500
    Let’s end this dumb nightmare!
  • Jerry Collins
    signed 2019-11-21 11:26:20 -0500
  • Pamela Nicita-McDonald
    signed 2019-11-21 11:17:19 -0500
    Pamela Nicita-McDonald