The following content is from an email Grassfire received from President Trump's re-election campaign on Tuesday, November 19, at 11:21 a.m. ET:

This Impeachment Hoax is setting a bad precedent for our country. Each day these hearings prove what we’ve known all along: THIS IS A POLITICAL HIT JOB.

The Democrats know that what they are doing is very wrong. They’re putting Americans through a second week of these baseless Witch Hunt Hearings when we all know how it’s going to end.

I DID NOTHING WRONG. Plain and simple.

Nervous Nancy and Shifty Schiff know they have nothing on me. This all goes back to their HATRED for me, and their HATRED FOR YOU. We’ve got to do something.

Adam Schiff has been running a kangaroo court that has blatantly been IGNORING the LAW!

  • He’s conducted secret impeachment hearings
  • He’s held hearings without DUE PROCESS
  • He’s shut down Republicans’ requests for witnesses

I can’t imagine this week’s circus will run any differently under his botched leadership.

It needs to end. I’m counting on you to stand with me against their corrupt actions.

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